Why do Taiwanese people still hestitate to take lawsuit of Roger Lin v USA?

After reading comment by “Deep Blue” http://www.socialforce.net/phpBB/post_752553.html#752553 in Socialforce.net, it tells us why Taiwanese people still cannot take lawsuit of Roger Lin v USA that is best for Taiwanese future. “Deep Blue” is one of very few persons who can write very profound comment in Socialforce.net. However, in his comment it also exposes his weakest, in fact it also happens to most Taiwanese people, to write any papers in any issue. In the comment, “Deep Blue” said he has read articles in forum of Taiwan Civil Government and makes conclusion that nothing will change after lawsuit or whatsoever. I wonder did he ever did any further research in this issue, even though it is so easy to find in the internet. Did he really understand how United States Justice System works?

Years ago, when I read an article said that there are four disputable states, East Timor, Palestine, Kosovo and Taiwan, in the world, it said that Taiwan is the least possible to become independent state. At that time, I wondered why? For years, East Timor already becomes an independent state. Palestine, which has civil government but its land still occupied by Israel, is an observer at the United Nation. Kosovo has announced to be independent state but without all right, title and claim of Kosovo’s land, which is still claimed by Serbia. After conducting further research, I realize, for the time being, it is impossible for Taiwan independent because of the following reasons: (a) Republic of China is Government in exile in Taipei that can only claim all right, title of Kinmen and Matsu. (b) Because any election under ROC government in exile is illegal to Taiwanese people, thus no matter how and what popular election the president of ROC in exile cannot still represent free will of Taiwanese people. Therefore the election in Taiwan can be legitimate only under free will to be supervised by the Taiwan Civil Government and United States Military Government. (c) Based on the Peace Treaty of San Francisco, which is the only legal treaty about Taiwan status, United States of America is the pricipal occupying power over Taiwan. In other words, United States of America has all right, title, and claim of Taiwan (Formosa).

Information regarding Taiwan status is very easy to find via internet. What went wrong of Taiwanese people? I don’t like to blame Taiwanese people, but I feel pretty sad for educational poison of ROC in exile and KMT to toxify Taiwanese mind and lacking independent logical thinking process.

Most Taiwanese people are taught in schools to provide standard question and answer in examination. If anything is other than standard one, it is wrong without any score. It confines Taiwanese thought within very restricted boundary.

Most Taiwanese people never have any chance to write papers in grammar school, not even in secondary school and post-secondary school. First chance for most Taiwanese people to write a paper is at graduate school for their thesis. If you look most thesis written in Taiwan, hundred pages of thesis can be cited from references and with very few pages of comment. This tells us that thought of Taiwanese people is very restricted.

Lacking of logical thinking process is the weakest of Taiwanese people. Mathematics is to train logical thinking. Even Taiwanese people is one of the best test in mathematics, but they are only trained how to calculate but never learn logical thinking in mathematics. Without logical thinking process, most Taiwanese people can analyze one single question, but is unable to integrate many questions together.

One of the weakest of Taiwanese people is that they do not understand United States Judiciary System is independent from Administrative system. For years, the Judiciary System under ROC Government in exile is never independent from administrative office. Because of wrong perception, most Taiwanese people cannot imagine the judges have free will to decide cases, especially the case like Roger Lin v USA.

Taiwanese people are very stubborn people, especially those who have held higher degree. I always assume that the higher education the persons are, the open-mind and curiosity for new field. On the contraty, once Taiwanese people have learned something in their early life, such as Taiwanese history and Taiwan status, most of them take it for granted and never want to change the wrong hisotry and status regarding Taiwan they have learned in their early life. What a pity.

Above reasons can explain why Taiwanese people lack of ability to conduct research and analysis skill in this issue.

In the modern society, all states should work according to laws, no matter international laws or war laws or treaties. No state can create some rules without following current fundamental international laws or signed treaties. That is why in 2005 Russia and China had to sign a treaty to settle the disputed land of 1.5 million km2 for more than one hundred years

Finally, I believe most people of Taiwan are very afraid that once Taiwanese people are issued passport of Formosa Cession USA, China may attack Taiwan. I don’t think it would happen, because China only said if Taiwan becomes independent, China will attack Taiwan. In this case, Taiwanese people hold passport of Formosa USA, China will rationalize that Taiwan is never independent. That is Chinese way to do something they cannot change.

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EC在12:25pm對2009 二月 10的評論
A lot of time, many so-called scholars in Taiwan do not even know what they are talking about, but they already jump into conclusion and provide wrong information to Taiwanese people. This is why I wrote this long article.

Here is one good example. Please see attachment.

L在11:41am對2009 二月 10的評論
Not only by ROC in exile , but also by some persons of green group.
去年322後 我以 " 柺杖與彩劵 " 引喻 綠營豬公拄著 " 400年來民主聖戰 " 拐杖 贏得大位彩劵後 即學藍營穿西裝皮鞋 漸漸與台灣民眾基層遠離 忘了初衷~

得意忘形之際 丟掉當初朝夕相處的拐杖 從此寸步難行 ~

1994以後 我就常質疑 綠營為何不正視 " 台灣地位未定 " 之法源論述 ? 應也是取得權位後 知道好康在哪裡 想辦法維護既得利益吧?
EC在11:18am對2009 二月 10的評論
Definitely agree what you said.

However, I believe this is the concern by most Taiwanese people, because they are brainwashed by ROC in exile so successful that they already lose their independent logical thinking.

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