Taiwanese people don’t care who rules Taiwan

It is useless to explain Taiwanese people what position of Taiwan is or who really owns the title of Taiwan.

Majority of Taiwanese people really doesn’t care which government rules Taiwan now and in the future.

What Taiwanese people cares most is how much money in their bank account and how many houses in their title.

If we want to bring more attention of Taiwanese people you have to tell them what benefit them most now and in the future.

That is what KMT manipulates Taiwanese people now.

If there is any one bringing banquet on the table, Taiwanese people will eat very happy and don’t care they will be slaughtered thereafter.

Taiwanese people is not stupid and not greedy, but very myopia and can only see things in front of them.

Thus the only thing which can catch Taiwanese people’s attention of who you are is to bring beef on the table.

No matter that beef is real meat or artificial meat or on paper, Taiwanese people will follow you without any doubt of your intention.

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EC在8:05am對2009 二月 13的評論
No matter what you bring this issue to turn thing up side down.

It is a new ball game and you totally control it.

ROC, KMT and PRC do not know how to handle it.

In fact, they are in shock and know their time is counting but nothing they can do.

Well, it is a cruel world, right?
EC在4:37am對2009 二月 13的評論
Thank you for your information. It is a pretty nice video. I think all Taiwanese people should watch this video. It provides all necessary information of Taiwanese status at this time. Unfortunate, most Taiwanese people are either very stubborn or afraid to change current situation or very coward or whatsoever and refuse to watch it.

If you look what has happened in the forums or news in Taiwan for the last several days, the situation is changing. Many Taiwanese people who used to be very quiet or were opposed to this lawsuit begin to change their position.

Like you have said before, if we use the right method to apply at the right position, thing will change dramatically within short period time. I think it is time to change.

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