In America, people know how to fight for their right. American know if they don’t fight for their own right, no one will fight for them. In other words, if you keep very quiet without any voice, everyone else will assume you agree the others.

Based on this fundamental thinking, any public issues could affect your right. You can stand out and speak pro or con to the issues in the open public meeting, which can happen in the local neighborhood meeting, regional school district meeting, town hall meeting, state hearing, even federal hearing, or the others. You can use oral argument, written protest, group demonstration, lawsuit in the court, and so on to express your personal opinions. People have to listen carefully what you say. No one dare to ignore your voice.

This is one basic American way of life.

For the last sixty-four years, Taiwanese people are very quiet and ignore their basic human rights. In Taiwanese people’s mind, they keep thinking this mistake was made by the United States. Therefore the USA has to solve this problem.

In the mind of the Federal Government of the United States, since there is no formal protest against the current situation by Taiwanese people, why it bothers to change?

It is due to two complete different cultures and thinking to make huge discrepancy in one same issue.

If Taiwanese people want to create a formal relationship between Taiwan and the United States, they should follow rules and laws. This could include laws, treaty and laws of war, because no one can be above the laws in America, even the Federal Government of the United States of the president of the United States of America. In America, most laws are passed through the Congress, but some via the Federal Court.

The lawsuit of Roger Lin v USA is the voice of Taiwanese status for the first time in history. Through this lawsuit, it has exposed many hidden mysteries between Taiwan and the United States. When the verdict of this case comes, the formal relationship between Taiwan and the United States will be settled.

Yet, most people around the world, even most Taiwanese people, don’t believe one small human right lawsuit can change current situation of Taiwan status. However, if any persons know American legal system very well, they won’t ignore the power and consequence of this lawsuit.

There is no free lunch in America. If Taiwanese people want to build the formal relationship between Taiwan and the United States, they have to fight by all means to reach this goal. Don’t expect to receive free lunch without paying anything.

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