This is myth for many Taiwanese people who still believe high degree means good ability.
This is because Taiwanese people lack self-confidence.
How many marketing professors in Taiwan have ever worked for any projects in marketing successfully?
How many financial professors in Taiwan have ever became chief financial officers for any big companies?
Practical application in the real world is completely different from theories in textbooks.
No wonder most college and graduate students in Taiwan fall asleep in the classes because their professors who don't have any working experiences in their fields are unable to tell their students any exciting personal examples.
Most secretaries of Ma administration are no practical experiences.
It is like to see a doctor who works in laboratory and has never see any patient in the lifetime. How can you expect this doctor can diagnose disease correct and prescribe right medicine?
For the last several months, we don't see there is any workable proposal proposed by Ma administration.
In the internet era, everything is changing even faster than before.
Thus we can predict the economical situation in Taiwan will become from bad to worse. If there is no good proposal coming out very soon, the economical slump will last longer than most Taiwanese people expected.

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