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No free lunch in America

In America, people know how to fight for their right. American know if they don’t fight for their own right, no one will fight for them. In other words, if you keep very quiet without any voice, everyone else will assume you agree the others.

Based on this fundamental thinking, any public issues could affect your right. You can stand out and speak pro or con to the issues in the open public meeting, which can happen in the local neighborhood meeting, regional school district meeting,… 繼續

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How can we help Taiwan now?

When we play a ballgame, the rules are set by our opponents and referees are selected by our opponents too. Do you think we have any chance to win this ballgame? If there is no chance to play a fair ballgame, then the best for us is to break down the current rules completely and to set a new rules from the ground zero.

Are there any constitutions of Taiwan now and in the past? No, there is only constitutions of Republic of China exiled government in Taipei, which is never de jure to… 繼續

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High Degree High Ability?

This is myth for many Taiwanese people who still believe high degree means good ability.

This is because Taiwanese people lack self-confidence.

How many marketing professors in Taiwan have ever worked for any projects in marketing successfully?

How many financial professors in Taiwan have ever became chief financial officers for any big companies?

Practical application in the real world is completely different from theories in textbooks.

No wonder most college and… 繼續

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Taiwanese people don’t care who rules Taiwan

It is useless to explain Taiwanese people what position of Taiwan is or who really owns the title of Taiwan.

Majority of Taiwanese people really doesn’t care which government rules Taiwan now and in the future.

What Taiwanese people cares most is how much money in their bank account and how many houses in their title.

If we want to bring more attention of Taiwanese people you have to tell them what benefit them most now and in the future.

That is what… 繼續

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Why do Taiwanese people still hestitate to take lawsuit of Roger Lin v USA?

After reading comment by “Deep Blue” in, it tells us why Taiwanese people still cannot take lawsuit of Roger Lin v USA that is best for Taiwanese future. “Deep Blue” is one of very few persons who can write very profound comment in However, in his comment it also exposes his weakest, in fact it also happens to most Taiwanese people, to write any papers in any issue. In the comment, “Deep Blue” said he has… 繼續

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